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Chapter 211 Like a Mighty King

  • “You two…” With a cheeky smile on her face, Song Yun’an mysteriously winked at both of them and deliberately emphasized the final note of her voice, leaving the rest up to their imagination.
  • Upon reading between the lines, Ruan Shishi felt embarrassed at Song Yun’an’s remarks.
  • Song Ye’an, who noticed Ruan Shishi’s reaction, turned his attention to Song Yun’an and signaled her to knock it off with his stare.
  • After getting her brother’s hint, Song Yun’an responded with a smile and clung onto Ruan Shishi’s arm. “The procedures have been dealt with. Shall we go?”
  • Ruan Shishi nodded and raised her eyes, only to meet Song Ye’an’s gaze. The two of them were then caught in a trance before they awkwardly took their eyes off each other at the same time.
  • At that moment, the atmosphere had instantly become indescribably ambiguous. However, Ruan Shishi snapped out of her trance and followed Song Yun’an out of the room.
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