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Chapter 26 Returning to the Office

  • Being aware of the situation, Madam Rong nodded while covering her smile before quietly leaving the room.
  • Yu Yimo reached out his hand to gently pat on Ruan Shishi’s face. “Wake up. Drink some of the hangover soup.”
  • Ruan Shishi was in a disheveled state after getting drunk. She knitted her brows as she turned her head around, paying no attention to him at all.
  • Judging from her behavior, it was impossible to let her drink the soup by herself. Yu Yimo retracted his hand from Ruan Shishi’s grip to pick up the bowl. With the bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, he fed the soup to her mouth.
  • Ruan Shishi grimaced when she smelled the soup, refusing to open her mouth.
  • “Are you really not going to drink it?” Yu Yimo’s eyebrows started twitching. He had never persuaded anyone like this before. He would have already lost his patience if it was someone else, but fortunately for her, she was Ruan Shishi.
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