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Chapter 50 Thank You for Protecting Me

  • Seeing her face turned crimson almost immediately, Yu Yimo suddenly found it interesting and wanted to tease her even more. He arched his brow and asked again, “You really don’t need my help?”
  • Ruan Shishi was flustered but said assertively, “Nope! I really don’t need your help!”
  • Upon seeing her reaction, Yu Yimo’s lips held a faint smile. Right then, she seemed to be afraid that he would take advantage of her. Slowly, he wiped the medicine off his fingers and then stood up, walking out of the room.
  • “Hold on!” Ruan Shishi quickly stopped him just as something popped into her mind; she hadn’t had the time to ask him about Cheng Lu all day.
  • Yu Yimo turned around and settled his dark eyes on her. “Hmm?”
  • Cautiously, Ruan Shishi spoke, “I heard that Cheng Lu was punished, and she was even sent to the hospital. Were you the one behind it?”
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