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Chapter 230 A Casual Remark Sounds Significant to a Suspicious Listener

  • When he noticed the changes in Yu Yimo’s expression, Su Yucheng chuckled as he felt that he had achieved his goal. Then, he finished the second half of the sentence that he did not get to say just now. “Ruan Shishi’s friend, Song Yun’an.”
  • When he heard this, Yu Yimo gave him a cold, sweeping look before he lowered his head and continued to read his documents.
  • When he noticed the huge difference in Yu Yimo’s reaction, Su Yucheng walked to the side and sat down as he lazily crossed his leg. “You can really change your demeanor in such a short period of time. By the way, I never saw you giving any special treatment to other women before. However, the moment you heard her name…”
  • “Special?” Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows as he randomly tapped some buttons on his tablet. “I owe her my life, and that’s it. Please don’t create your own version of the story.” His voice was cold and hard, and there weren’t many changes in his expression, as if he was merely stating a fact.
  • Su Yucheng chuckled as he raised his eyebrow and leaned in closer. “Do you think that Ruan Shishi would come visit you tomorrow?” He paused for a moment before he said again, “Why don’t we bet on that?”
  • Yu Yimo frowned as he listened to Su Yucheng’s chattering. Yu Yimo frowned as he raised his gaze to look at him and said coldly, “Su Yucheng, don’t you have anything else to do?” What a busybody.
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