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Chapter 91 Accidental Fall

  • As if she had already predicted this question, Meng Zihan answered righteously, “I’ll check the projection equipment again to avoid any issues later on, otherwise none of us will be able to bear the consequences.”
  • After hearing her say that, Ruan Shishi decided to stay silent and stepped out of the meeting room before walking in the direction of the archives room.
  • Usually, confidential documents would be placed in the archives in the company for unified management so as to prevent the leakage of business secrets and ensure the confidentiality of the information.
  • This was why they could only go fetch the business proposal when foreign guests were about to arrive.
  • When Ruan Shishi arrived at the archives room, she stated her identity. After signing in, the archives staff handed over the proposal. Then, she rushed to the meeting room.
  • It took a lot of time for her to go to the archives room and back to the meeting room again. When she arrived at the meeting room, the foreign guest representatives had just arrived in the meeting room and were yet to be seated. Thus, it was quite chaotic.
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