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Chapter 170 Entering the Lion’s Den

  • Compared to the photo that was sent to him, at that moment, the maxi dress that was on Ruan Shishi’s body had been ripped by blades and through the cuts, you could see her bare skin. Furthermore, the bottom of her dress was stained with blood and there was blood flowing down her smooth calf. Her head was lowered; her face was pale and only her sharp chin could be seen; she looked very pitiful.
  • When Yu Yimo saw her, he felt a ringing in his head; it was as if something had exploded next to his ears. Clenching his fists tightly, his eyes turned red with anger.
  • Just then, wild laughter accompanied by a round of applause reverberated throughout the room.
  • Mr. K walked forward, clapping as he said, “Yu Yimo, as expected, you didn’t disappoint your woman. I thought you wouldn’t be able to rush here in 30 minutes!” Although Mr. K was laughing, it didn’t seem genuine. His sharp eyes that resembled a falcon’s gazed at Yu Yimo coldly, and his gaze was enough to make people feel terrified.
  • Yu Yimo turned around, and with his deep eyes, he glared at Mr. K coldly. Without any fear, he said, “If it isn’t the famous Mr. K of Bangkok. May I ask why did you use such despicable methods to torture a weak and powerless woman?”
  • Ruan Shishi, who was tied to the wheel, was half-awake. When she heard Yu Yimo’s voice, she trembled a little before she used all her might to lift her head and open her eyes. Seeing that familiar face, she couldn’t help but feel touched. He came! Just when I thought I was going to die here, he appeared like an angel!
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