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Chapter 49 Helping Her Apply Medicine

  • Ruan Shishi felt a bit guilty upon thinking about this. Before Yu Yimo left, he had clearly advised her to take a good rest at the hospital, and she had also promised him to do so. However, she broke her promise in a blink of an eye and obviously had no excuse now.
  • Sitting opposite her, Ma Hefeng laughed uncontrollably after watching her not picking up the call for quite a while. “Why don’t you want to pick up the call?”
  • Ruan Shishi’s hands trembled and she simply declined the call. “Mm, never mind. It’s just a scam call.” As she spoke, she quickly kept her phone away and smiled at Ma Hefeng. “President Ma, about the requirements of the festive gift boxes, I want to clarify with you again…”
  • Meanwhile, on the top floor of the Yu Family Tower, Yu Yimo was sitting in his spacious and bright office as he watched his call being declined, thereupon he furrowed his brows uncontrollably. How dare this woman keep hanging up my calls?! She really deserves to be taught a lesson after leaving the hospital without recovering fully from her allergy!
  • Ah-choo!” Ruan Shishi suddenly sneezed. Rubbing her nose, she was confused because the sneeze had caught her off guard. Perhaps Yu Yimo is scolding me? She quickly shook her head and put her messy thoughts aside. Then, she stood up and looked at Ma Hefeng’s assistant. “Can we go now?”
  • Due to Ma Hefeng’s other arrangements, he let his assistant bring Ruan Shishi to the factory to check on the festive gift box samples. If there were no big issues, its mass production would be kicked off right away. Once production started, these festive gift boxes would soon be manufactured and be fully prepared by the holidays. By then, she would complete her first task as an assistant.
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