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Chapter 152 Call for Help

  • When their fellow classmates realized how bad the situation was, they persuaded Song Yun’an and Ruan Shishi, “Yun’an, you go to one side with Shishi first. We’ll try to calm Qi down.”
  • Hearing their suggestion, Song Yun’an immediately nodded and agreed. Then, she dragged Ruan Shishi along as she walked toward the sofa.
  • Ruan Shishi’s palms started sweating as anxiety welled up in her. “Yun’an, did I just make a huge mistake?”
  • “Judging by Song Qi’s character, she will definitely not let you off the hook. But, don’t be afraid. No matter what, I will support you!”
  • Listening to her, Ruan Shishi was touched. However, she had a hunch this time that this matter would definitely not be so easily solved. Returning to the sofa area, Ruan Shishi’s heart was at her throat as she anxiously looked at the crowd from a distance.
  • A few minutes later, everyone suddenly dispersed for some unknown reason. Then, Song Qi turned around and angrily walked toward the door.
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