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Chapter 261 In Need of a Secretary

  • Gritting her teeth, Ruan Shishi stood up and went to the manager’s office. Upon entering the room, she saw Manager Lan and Meng Zihan sitting by the desk.
  • Manager Lan cast a glance at her and said emotionlessly, “Take a seat. We shall start our meeting now. Where’s the document?”
  • Clenching her fists and gnashing her teeth, Ruan Shishi had no choice but to lie, “I didn’t get the document. Assistant Liu wasn’t there when I went to the president’s office. After waiting for a while, I came back here.”
  • Upon hearing that, Meng Zihan couldn’t help but ridicule, “Why wouldn’t Assistant Liu be there? Perhaps it’s because you have been absent for so long that they don’t recognize you anymore.”
  • Ruan Shishi pursed her lips and remained silent.
  • Manager Lan straightened her face and cast a glance at Meng Zihan. “Go take the document.”
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