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Chapter 292 Why Did You Lie?

  • Upon hearing her question, Yu Yimo’s eyes sparkled and he frowned as if he was displeased. “What do you think?” How could he not worry when she had left the Yu Residence with a body full of injuries?
  • Their eyes met, but Ruan Shishi quickly shifted her gaze away to his broad shoulders. She hesitated before saying, “The injuries on your body… Ouch!” Before she could finish her question, she trembled in pain and knitted her brows.
  • At that moment, the nurse softly reminded her, “I will continue dressing your wound. It’s going to be a little painful, so please bear with it.”
  • Ruan Shishi moaned and gradually tightened her fists. Yu Yimo stared at the exposed area of her back that was tended by the nurse. On her fair skin was a deep wound that looked like a snake with black and red patterns. The sight of it was scary. It must have hurt.
  • Yu Yimo furrowed his brows and took a chair to sit beside her bed without hesitation. He reached out to grasp her tiny hand. The nurse then started to rub some medicine, causing Ruan Shishi to wince in pain. She could not bother about the happenings around her and reflexively grabbed his warm hand.
  • “Ouch…”
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