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Chapter 259 Only He Can Help the Ye Family

  • In less than an hour, the news that the Ye Group had sent out people to beat up the migrant workers who were there to defend their rights became headlines in all major media.
  • The news immediately went viral on the internet. Almost all netizens turned to the Ye Group and vented their anger online.
  • Things were apparently going in the wrong direction. No matter how much effort and money the PR team of the Ye Group had put in, or how many calls they had made, the blame on their company couldn’t be contained. It even became the topic that was most searched online in Jiangzhou City.
  • “B*stard!” Ye Fengpeng trembled out of fury. Looking at Ye Zeyu who was kneeling before him, he couldn’t help but feel like jabbing his son’s temple with his finger. “How did I beget a useless son like you?!”
  • He had told his son to stay put because this matter could be settled with money and it would be all good. He didn’t expect that Ye Zeyu would bring some people to make a fuss there. As the news was spread, the reputation of the Ye Group was brought down as well.
  • Kneeling on the floor, Ye Zeyu’s expression was dark. However, he didn’t dare to say anything. After some time, he couldn’t contain his anger anymore and spilled out, “Dad! I did it for the Ye Group. You have no idea what those migrant workers were saying about us!”
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