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Chapter 35 Visiting Grandma

  • Ruan Shishi did not hesitate to answer him. “Of course I’m being serious.”
  • She took a look at Du Yue’s awkward expression before realizing that something wasn’t right. As such, she asked haltingly, “What’s wrong? Are these gifts… bad?”
  • Du Yue hesitated for a moment before saying softly, “The Mistress would probably not need these… Mr. Yu orders some Australian wool every year and has it made into rugs or clothes for her. She also has her own massagers and foot spas that Mr. Yu ordered for her, but she rarely uses them…”
  • Ruan Shi was dumbfounded upon hearing Du Yue’s words. She had poured so much effort into thinking up these gifts, but none of them were ones that the old lady would use.
  • She remained rooted to the spot and wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come.
  • When Yu Yimo heard Du Yue’s words while he was walking over, he frowned slightly. He then reached out and took the gifts from Ruan Shishi, then handed them to Du Yue. “Bring them in,” he ordered. Upon hearing that, Du Yue did not dare to continue speaking and he did as he was asked. After he left, Yu Yimo said softly, “Don’t listen to him; perhaps Grandma would like what you brought.”
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