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Chapter 288 Is It Counted as Work Injury?

  • That night, unlike the couple who was deep in love, some people were sleepless.
  • Yu Yimo was brought to his own bedroom, while Ruan Shishi was brought to a guest room. Because of the wounds on their bodies, they had to lie on their stomachs. After the family doctors cleaned up their wounds, both of them had to endure the night in the same position.
  • During the first half of the night, Ruan Shishi couldn’t sleep at all because the wounds were too painful. She had to endure the excruciating pain until late night when she eventually became so sleepy that she dozed off.
  • Another person who was equally sleepless was Ye Wan’er. Rolling on her bed, she was worried that Yu Yimo would find out she was behind all these. Once that happened, her life would be over.
  • Upon waking up the next morning, she brushed up and told her subordinate to start the engine. She was going to the Yu’s old manor. She specially bought some expensive gifts from a nearby shopping mall on her way there.
  • After she pressed the doorbell, a servant came over to ask who she was. Upon learning that she was the Young Lady of the Ye Family, the servant went in to inform the mistress about it before opening the door.
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