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Chapter 140 You Finally Fell Into My Hands!

  • Looking at the new round of dishes served on the table, Ruan Shishi picked up the chopsticks, took a few bites, and inadvertently raised her head to look at the table in the central area where Yu Yimo was, whereupon she found that Xu Fengming, who was beside him, was gone.
  • With a chill running down her spine, she became more alert in an instant. Turning her head to look at the neighboring table, she found that Cheng Lu had disappeared without her knowing as well. It seemed that Cheng Lu had already begun to act.
  • Tension emerged from the depths of her heart. Ruan Shishi then clenched her hands tightly together and sweat broke out on her palms. She took a deep breath and looked up to meet Yu Yimo’s deep and bottomless dark eyes.
  • He looked at her fixedly across the crowd. Even though he was far away, she could still feel at ease. Taking a deep breath, Ruan Shishi adjusted her breathing and slowly calmed down.
  • Meanwhile, Yang Yue searched around the second floor with her best friend, but she could not find Qin Xianli. Thereafter, she walked into the corridor and cursed angrily, “He’s avoiding me on purpose! Qin Xianli! When I find you, you will be in serious trouble!”
  • Seeing this, the woman next to her said hesitantly, “Yue, there’s something I don’t know if I should tell you…”
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