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Chapter 11 Yu Yimo’s Study

  • In the Yang Family’s residence’s living room, Yang Yue was saying, “Qin Xianli, what did you mean by that? How dare you side with an outsider against me?”
  • “Dear, I didn’t.”
  • “Then why didn’t you slap that b*tch, Ruan Shishi? Isn’t the man just Yu Yimo? Why are you so scared of him?!” When the couple reached home, the furious Yang Yue smashed everything in the house within her sight. Then, she pointed her finger and yelled at Qin Xianli, who was kneeling on the floor. At this moment, Qin Xianli did not look as proud as he was in front of other people. Keeping his head down, he let Yang Yue hit and scold him as she liked.
  • Qin Xianli kept his voice down and continued explaining, “Dear, we can’t afford to offend Yu Yimo.” Since the Yang Family Group was just a construction company, how could they hope to stand against Yu Family Group, the business empire? They would be only kicking against the pricks if they really did so. However, Yang Yue had been living a pampered life since young; she would get anything she wanted, so it was obvious that she had never been humiliated like she did on this day. Even if the man she faced was God Himself, she would not even flinch.
  • As she despised Qin Xianli’s timid and overcautious attitude, she slapped him hard just when he finished speaking. “You’re just trash! Get out of my sight!” Feeling tired after venting her anger, Yang Yue sat down and rubbed her temples.
  • While resting, she was thinking that she would never let Ruan Shishi off when suddenly, a person popped into her mind and she quickly dialed the person’s number. Over the phone, the duo came to an agreement in just a few words. Yang Yue could not help but feel pleased after the call ended. Ruan Shishi, so you have Yu Yimo backing you up, huh? Let’s see what you are going to do once you lose this strong support of yours?!
  • When Ruan Shishi got home, she realized that her parents had packed up her belongings and sent them over. Looking at the pile of things, was rendered speechless. It seems like Madam Liu really can’t wait to kick me out!
  • Although she was discontent with her parent’s ‘efficiency’, Ruan Shishi started unpacking and putting her belongings in place right away.
  • In the end, she still had some miscellaneous things which she did not know where to put at the time being. She believed that there must be a storeroom in this huge mansion. Therefore, Ruan Shishi held a box of sundry items and started looking for a storeroom as well as getting herself familiar with the house.
  • Since she could not find the storeroom after checking every room, Ruan Shishi thought it must be the last room at the second floor’s corridor. However, she was met with a wall shelf full of all sorts of books upon opening the door.
  • “Is this a study?” Ruan Shishi peered through the door crack. Is this Yu Yimo’s study?
  • Ruan Shishi then entered the room before she realized it as she wondered about the identity of the place. Looking at the books on the wall shelf in appreciation, she could not help but feel impressed by Yu Yimo’s capabilities.
  • She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she accidentally hit a photo frame on the table with the box in her hands. The sound of the photo frame hitting the floor was especially crisp and clear, which scared the living daylights out of Ruan Shishi. Knowing that she had gotten herself into trouble, Ruan Shishi kneeled down immediately to pick up the photo frame. Fortunately, the photo frame was not mounted with glass; she would have been done for if it had been broken. Besides, it was not a portrait but just a photo of a snow-covered landscape.
  • After making sure that the photo frame was not damaged, Ruan Shishi patted her chest and stood up. Just when she wanted to put the photo frame back in place, the photo and an old yellowed card dropped out from the frame.
  • Ruan Shishi swore that she had no desire to see what was on the card, but the beautiful handwriting had to come into her sight. ‘Mo, I love you. By Wan’er.’