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Chapter 96 I Will Strangle You

  • After hearing that, Lu Beichuan's eyes dimmed. Nobody could tell what he was thinking and he raised an eyebrow and looked at Gu Qiaoge.
  • "You seem to be very interested in the position of being my Mrs. Lu."
  • Gu Qiaoge's expression changed and she lowered her gaze slightly. The moment she raised it back up, she leaned towards the man and said, "Of course I am interested."
  • "Because marrying you has always been my dream since I was young. Although my family are gone, and I am a dirty woman, it is not that bad if I can be the respected Mrs. Lu."
  • "Moreover, I will be able to snatch Yun Yimian's fiancé. You wouldn't know how happy I am... Mm!"
  • Before she could finish, Lu Beichuan choked her on the neck.
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