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Chapter 255 Nothing Happened

  • Gu Qiaoge did not wait for the noises to die down before she hurried up the stairs. In her haste, her feet slipped out from beneath her and she fell down on the staircase.
  • Pain flared in her abdomen and tailbone but she only gritted her teeth. She refused to make a sound. With trembling hands, she reached for the wall to support her as she stumbled into the room.
  • The door crashed shut with a loud bang.
  • Pressed against the room door, Gu Qiaoge shivered. Her legs slid out from beneath her and she collapsed to the cold, hard ground.
  • Watching cartoons nearby, Yoyo turned around to greet Gu Qiaoge. Seeing her pale face and quivering body, she rushed to her side.
  • “Mommy, what's wrong?” As Yoyo asked this, she suddenly realized there were sounds coming from downstairs.
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