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Chapter 464 I Want To Try Too

  • The breathing of the man above her was harsh as those lips left hers and moved to bite down viciously on the woman's smooth shoulder.
  • Following his heart's desire, he prepared to continue kissing downwards but at that moment, a single drop of tear silently landed on his cheek.
  • Master Su stilled. As he met the despairing gaze of those red-rimmed eyes, logic and reason crashed back into him.
  • His grip loosened and Gu Qiaoge immediately scrambled away from him, pressing her back against the car window.
  • Her whole body was drenched and she kept shivering, not just from the cold but also in fear.
  • Her face was pale as she stared at him warily. It took several moments before she could calm herself enough to ask in a quavering voice, “Why? Just what is the relationship between you and Lu Beichuan? Why can't you just leave me alone?”
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