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Chapter 3 Captivity And Marriage

  • Gu Qiaoge's body tensed.
  • He was married? And he even had a child?
  • She stared at the young girl with widened eyes. She seemed to be about 4 to 5 years old and she had shorthair. The young child was wearing a white, fluffy princess dress and she curled up on Lu Beichuan's thighs coyly. The little girl was staring at Lu Beichuan with her twinkling dark eyes.
  • "Daddy, hug!"
  • Lu Beichuan lowered his head and looked at the little girl. His cold gaze warmed up as he bent over and carried the little child up. After that, he turned his head towards the woman beside him and said.
  • "Let's go."
  • The both of them left under the surrounding of media personnel. The man was tall and gorgeous, the woman was classy and stunning, the child was cute and beautiful. Anyone would be envious to look at their family.
  • Gu Qiaoge stared at that scene stupidly as her lips slowly curled up in self-deprecating.
  • That was about right.
  • He was doing so well and even her father said that Lu Beichuan was destined to be above others. He was fated to have such a success and happiness in life.
  • However, her eyes reddened as she stared into the screen anyway. Her heart was ripped apart.
  • She could also have that happiness as well...
  • She lowered her eyes, pushed herself up and stumbled away back to the room. In just a few steps, she fell onto the floor again.
  • "Gu Qiaoge!"
  • The man dashed out from the room. Without another word, he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up. After that, he kneed her in the abdomen. Gu Qiaoge curled up in pain and fell kneeling on the floor.
  • The man pulled up her sleeve violently and showed her arm with needle holes. After that, the man turned back and looked at another man in white robe.
  • "Draw her blood!"
  • "Have you forgotten what Madam says? Just stay in your room obediently and don't do anything else!"
  • "You can't even save yourself, yet you are still fantasizing about a man high and mighty like Lu Beichuan. Are you worth it!?"
  • Gu Qiaoge knelt on the floor quietly and her face was pale like a ghost. It was as if she couldn't feel any pain at all and simply let the tiny needle pierced through her skin and drew fresh red blood from her body.
  • It was like the woman was left without a soul.
  • The doctor that was taking her blood looked at her and felt a strong compassion.
  • Five years, 60 months. Whenever he came to draw her blood, she would have another needle hole on her arm. By today, her arm was completely disfigured by the scars.
  • The woman had lost a lot of weight. She did not have any appetite yet she forced herself to eat the disgusting food the servants prepared. After taking in, sometimes she puked them out and she had to eat it again. As if she merely had to keep her life going and survive.
  • If this goes on, she wouldn't need to wait for the day she became anemic. She wouldn't even be able to keep her life.
  • When no one was looking, the doctor took a vitamin from his pocket and fed her.
  • Right after his hand was reaching the mouth of Gu Qiaoge, the front door from not far away was opened suddenly. The doctor's hand shook and the pill drop on the floor.
  • The stepmother, Ling Jiawen click-clacked in her high heels and walked towards her in ostentatious accessories. She sneered at Gu Qiaoge mirthfully.
  • "You have seen it, right? Lu Beichuan is back."
  • Ling Jiawen said that as she had an abnormally wide grin on her face.
  • "Gu Qiaoge. It has been five years. For the sake of rewarding your cooperation, why don’t I give you a chance to meet him?"
  • "But I have one condition."