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Chapter 394 Familiarity

  • Just as Bo Yuanqi raised his arms as he reached over to carry Little Bean, his expression contorted in disapproval as he stilled his actions.
  • Following the line of Gu Qiaoge's vision, he took a quick glance before turning away.
  • “Hurry up! I don't have much patience!” He announced coldly before quickly boarding the ship as if he was being chased by raging waves.
  • Gu Qiaoge looked upon Bo Yuanqi's back as he speedily left, with a cold smirk decorated on her face.
  • Just as she thought, the guilt must be eating away at his conscience.
  • After a brief explanation to Song, Gu Qiaoge made her way towards the foot of the mountain in the near distance with Little Bean in her arms.
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