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Chapter 378 How Can I Bear To Put You In A Dilemma

  • After Bo Yuanqi raised his hand, his subordinates around him immediately came and beat up Gu Yange.
  • Boom Boom Boom. The sound of fists and feet in addition to Gu Yange's cries of pain hit hard on Gu Qiaoge's ears.
  • With every strike, Qiaoge's body trembled severely. Her face was as pale as a ghost under the night light. Her emotions were being pushed to the limits bit by bit.
  • Bo Yuanqi folded his arms and stood aside. He was enjoying the scene that was unfolding in front of him while casually thinking about his next move.
  • “Where should I start next? If I twisted one of his arms; he would end up as a cripple at a young age. Likewise, it would be the end of his life if I were to break one of his legs instead. If I were to render him infertile though, the Gu family will no longer have descendants in the future......”
  • Though what he was saying seemed pointless, but in actuality these words were meant to be heard by Gu Qiaoge and Lu Beichuan who were hiding in a dark corner.
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