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Chapter 647 What Do You Want

  • She stood still on the ground, still in a daze. Gu Yange stopped in his tracks just when he reached the elevator not far from them. He turned around to look at her, his brows furrowed and impatience apparent.
  • “Wen Ke, I don’t suppose you’re waiting for me to carry you downstairs?”
  • She snapped out of her thoughts and replied to him. Wen Ke lifted her head and rushed to his side.
  • After loading everything into the car, Shobin rode shotgun. Gu Yange opened the car door to the backseat. He turned around and was speechless to see Wen Ke who was just trailing behind him standing outside the car door with a blank expression.
  • Gu Yange gazed at her with an ambiguous smirk on his face, “Are you playing right now?”
  • Wen Ke fiddled with her fingers and stood her ground. She contemplated for a moment before parting her lips to speak softly, “Your body has fully recovered, and there’s the driver and Shobin accompanying you. So, it’s kind of unnecessary for me to stay and take care of you. I could hail a taxi or something and go back on my own.”
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