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Chapter 513 Do Not Give Up On Him

  • The little girl headed off to a corner of the room and came back with a blue velvet box in her hands.
  • Her eyes were shining brightly as she presented the box to Gu Qiaoge after opening it.
  • “Mommy, this is for you.”
  • The very first thing she found at the top of the box was a carefully folded piece of paper.
  • Underneath that was a man's platinum ring band. Gu Qiaoge would recognize it anywhere. This was one of the matching sets of ring bands they had gotten when they got married. Who knew that he would still keep it even after all these years, and with a new identity?
  • Unfolding the piece of paper, Gu Qiaoge immediately recognized that this was the paper she had written on the first time she was here after she got back to Feng City.
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