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Chapter 522 You Are My Wife

  • Most importantly, she was not willing to have done this in such a situation but yet...
  • Regardless of whether he was angry or amused, she for one was enraged!
  • Upon hearing her refute, the man paused in his actions. He propped himself up from her slightly and with his lips twitching in irritation, he said, “Force?”
  • He stared straight at her, his hot breath brushing against her flushed cheeks. “I am doing this with my own wife, what's wrong with that? Even if you really are unwilling, it should be considered a matrimony dispute instead.”
  • He continued, seemingly unbothered by her anger as he snuggled his head right next to her ear and bit on to her rounded earlobes.
  • Gu Qiaoge gasped loudly, “Ow! Lu Beichuan!”
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