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Chapter 583 I Will Not Leave Him Room To Escape

  • Downstairs, Lin Tingyao laughed cruelly. “If I want Gu Yange’s inheritance, then I can’t leave him any room to escape, can I?”
  • “The Gu siblings may be very powerful in Feng City now that they have the backing of Master Su. However, after so many years, I’ve finally understood that it’s quite impossible for me to rely on their power to get anything done. Isn’t my father’s jail sentence testament to that fact?”
  • Lin Tingyao’s father had been in the business world for a few decades. Although he hadn’t made remarkable achievements, but he was responsible for a slew of crimes, the most serious of which involved the death of several people.
  • An extraordinarily powerful person had to be behind his arrest. Nobody else could have done it.
  • The Gu and Lu families were extremely influential in Feng City these days. Hence, Gu Qiaoge and Master Su were perfectly capable of helping Lin Tingyao’s father escape a jail sentence.
  • However, neither of them had extended any help to Lin Tingyao’s father. Even Gu Yange, who usually indulged in Lin Tingyao’s every need, kept his head down and warned his fiancée to do the same.
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