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Chapter 642 You Have Been So Angry Lately

  • Lin Tingyao’s gaze landed on the thermos flask Wen Ke gave her. In the next second, her expression changed entirely.
  • She had originally planned to let Gu Yange try two different soups. Then, she would brag about it in front of Wen Ke and use the opportunity to humiliate her.
  • She had even planned to pour the contents of the flask over Wen Ke’s head.
  • She never expected that Gu Yange, who had always been proud and arrogant, would reject the food from high-class restaurants and favored Wen Ke’s instead.
  • Did that woman drug Gu Yange?
  • A cold voice abruptly dragged Lin Tingyao out of her thoughts, “Tingyao?”
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