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Chapter 622 Is It Worth Risking Her Life

  • The box that contained the pocket watch was held in a death-grip by Wen Ke’s pale, trembling hands. Try as they might, they could not snatch it away.
  • The man’s gaze was fierce, and he was persistent. With one hand, he restrained her, and with the other, he tried to pry the items from her hands.
  • She refused to budge.
  • In the dim light of the evening, Wen Ke’s face was as white as wax paper, and blood was smeared on her hands and legs. Her show of strength astonished the men.
  • She was trembling all over, but her hands clasped the box tightly. Her lips shook as she begged her two assailants, “Please, don’t take this away!”
  • The pocket watch was the only gift Gu Yange had not given to her. It was the only reminder of the past they shared.
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