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Chapter 234 The Man Of The Past

  • After hearing that, Lu Beichuan's eyes had a storm of malice. His expression tensed up in seriousness.
  • When Gu Qiaoge noticed that, she raised her hand and caressed his face, trying to soothe his emotion.
  • "If you have something going on, go ahead. Just send me to the Central will do."
  • Lu Beichuan's expression calmed down a little. He raised his hand and caressed her hair as he said gently, "Sorry for that. This is supposed to be our quality time."
  • When Gu Qiaoge saw his piteous and helpless expression, she couldn't control herself and broke into a chuckle, "Mr. Lu, don't you worry. We have got ourselves a long time ahead..."
  • ......
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