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Chapter 541 Somebody Wants To Bully My Wife

  • Gu Qiaoge did not know when Nina had left, but when she came back there were two policemen with her.
  • She pointed at Mrs. Lu lying on the ground and then to the kneeling Gu Qiaoge. With a furious look on her face, she clenched her teeth before shouting accusingly, “Sir, that's her! She deliberately harmed our old lady, causing her to be unconscious. You have to take her back to the police station and question her thoroughly! The old lady and I can be witnesses!”
  • Nina was no fool. She was only so daring because she knew that Mrs. Lu hated Gu Qiaoge.
  • Even if they really had to go to the police station and nothing came of it, just pitting Gu Qiaoge and Old Madam Lu against each other and making them hate each other for the rest of their lives would be worth it.
  • Gu Qiaoge raised her head to look at Nina, contempt in her eyes and a mocking look on her face.
  • “Ms. Nina, I would have thought someone as pretty and elegant as you would have the brains to match.”
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