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Chapter 479 I Cannot Tell You The Truth

  • “How can you... How can you use such a pain inducing drug on me? You know how scary that drug can be. Are you trying to kill me?” he exclaimed in disbelief.
  • Gu Qiaoge slowly approached Shobin. As she gazed down upon him, she said, “Shobin, just as you have said so yourself, we have known each other for so many years now. We should be close friends who trust each other mutually by now and I by no means want to put you in a difficult position either. But since you have already forced my hand in dealing with you with such methods, you should know that if I don't get the answers I want today, the pain you will have to endure is going to be way worse.”
  • “Tell me, who exactly is Master Su? What sort of link does he have with Lu Beichuan?” Her tone became harsher with each word.
  • She clenched her fists tightly and spat out the next few words with difficulty, “Or should I say... Is Master Su Lu Beichuan himself?”
  • Shobin glanced at her with urgency, ignoring the pain in his body as he asked, “What made you ask that?”
  • “A woman's intuition,” Gu Qiaoge said as she lowered her gaze in an attempt to hide the stinging pain stabbing into her chest. With her eyes gradually reddening, she choked out, “My intuition is telling me that he definitely has something to do with Beichuan. But I don't have enough evidence to prove it.”
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