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Chapter 563 Last Chance

  • Shocked that Mrs. Lu would agree so quickly, Gu Qiaoge floundered for a reply.
  • Noticing the strange expression on Gu Qiaoge’s face, Mrs. Lu commented disdainfully, “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you were merely putting on a show, not expecting me to actually agree, so now you’re wondering what to do? Or maybe you’re worried that I would make things difficult for you and are already thinking about how to tattle to my son so that he can be your shield once again?”
  • Gu Qiaoge grimaced slightly. She felt like Mrs. Lu was acting really strangely today. The way the older woman had looked at her was odd as well.
  • However, no matter how hard she had tried to decipher the older woman’s motive and emotions, she still could not find an answer.
  • A beat later, she shook her head and replied, “Mrs. Lu, that’s not what I was thinking of.”
  • “You’d better not!”
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