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Chapter 549 A Childish Lu Beichuan

  • Little Bean was already sleeping soundly when Gu Qiaoge and Lu Beichuan came out from the hospital.
  • He looked at the little child from the rearview mirror and slowed down his car. Lu Beichuan was controlling the steering wheel steadily with his eyes looking to the front. His jawline was slightly tightened and it made him look coldly gorgeous.
  • Gu Qiaoge initially thought that since they had not made things right with his mother, he was going to say something. But not only was he quiet, he was also very unhappy.
  • When she really couldn't stand the silence, she opened her lips to break the silence, “Wu.”
  • Although he was used to his identity as Master Su, when she called him by that name, it still felt unnatural. “Are you upset? Is it because I told your mother about that stuff in the hospital and it-”
  • Lu Beichuan frowned in displeasure and cut her off, “What are you talking about?”
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