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Chapter 386 Learn To Accept Fate

  • Her forward movement stopped as Gu Qiaoge clenched her fists. She bit down on her lip but did not look back.
  • Bo Yuanqi's brows creased as he stared at her stiffened back. A cold glint appeared in his eyes.
  • For a woman who had lost her baby and who was about to lose her husband, she was looking calm. Too calm.
  • “We're surrounded on all four sides by the ocean and there's also a lot of sheer cliffs around the island. After much discussion, we've decided that dying in the ocean would be the most suitable way for him to die. There's a spot nearby where the waters are notoriously deep and sharks tend to lurk around there.”
  • As he spoke, he started laughing.
  • “I'll personally drive a boat with Lu Beichuan tied behind. After attracting plenty of sharks, I'll enjoy watching him get ripped apart, piece by piece. Such a sight would get the blood pumping faster than sleeping with you could!”
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