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Chapter 379 Do Whatever You Want Quickly

  • Under the moonlight, a tear fell onto Qiaoge's pale face silently.
  • Lu Beichuan hugged Qiaoge tightly in his arms. He looked at her silently for some time. He then kissed her forehead and lowered her to the ground carefully.
  • The tall bush rustled as a tall figure quickly walked out from it.
  • The moonlight shone on the man's grim face. It silently revealed a hint of cold finality.
  • The people who were beating up Gu Yange stopped abruptly after noticing Lu Beichuan. They quickly rushed towards him.
  • However, Bo Yuanqi waved his hand and said with a sneer, “Take it easy! Young Master Lu is not here for a fight. His here to surrender himself.”
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