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Chapter 610 I Should Do This Personally

  • Faced with indecision, Gu Qiaoge chose to remain silent.
  • She knew that both Gu Yange and Wen Ke needed some time alone, so she should probably give her some personal space.
  • Besides that, it was the break of dawn, yet the pregnant Gu Qiaoge still wasn’t at home resting, and Lu Beichuan was definitely displeased about that. Hence, they left Wen Ke alone and went back themselves.
  • The engagement was settled just like that.
  • The marriage still wasn’t registered in Wen Ke’s mind, so she was stunned when she saw the two red marriage certificates sent by Shobin.
  • She was surprised that she would actually get married in such a short time span, though Lu Beichuan’s efficiency in handling tasks probably had something to do with how soon the marriage certificates were sent.
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