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Chapter 156 Do You Know What I Want To Do

  • The man's condition did not seem to be relieved and it was worsening. His face was twisted together in pain and he was convulsing.
  • "Beichuan!?"
  • Gu Qiaoge's expression changed. She dashed forward and hugged Lu Beichuan's body tightly. Her tears broke out from the corner of her eyes.
  • She could not understand. Why both her and Yun Yimian’s body could save him, but her blood did not work!?
  • Gu Qiaoge did not give up. When she saw how much pain he was in, she gritted her teeth and took a sharper glass shard. She put her wrist in front of Lu Beichuan's mouth and cut herself.
  • (Drip... drip...)
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