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Chapter 342 Did We Come Back At The Wrong Time

  • Siyan was on the couch, with her legs seemingly stroking along Lu Beichuan's lower body, while her body was leaning towards Lu Beichuan's, with hands around his neck.
  • Since their backs were facing them, Gu Qiaoge couldn't see the expression on her face.
  • Lu Beichuan then knelt on the floor, letting Siyan lean against him while supporting her arms.
  • No matter how it was interpreted, the scene looked like a passionate cuddle between two romantic lovebirds. It was extremely suggestive.
  • A wave of chill rushed through the bones in Gu Qiaoge's body.
  • With a pale face, she pursed her lips and looked at them with a cold face, “Did we come back at the wrong time and disturbed you now?”
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