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Chapter 488 What Is Wrong With Her

  • Huka scoffed.
  • “Is there anything else? Of course there's more!” He was absolutely appalled at the way this woman could sit there acting all innocent after she had done all those terrible things.
  • “Last time, you were as precious to Young Master Lu as life itself. In order to be able to spend even one more second with you, he had always chosen the safest and yet most painful way of treatment.”
  • “But ever since you personally delivered him to Hell, he came to a realization. Without a woman to try his hardest to live for, he could throw caution out the window and truly fight for his life.”
  • “It's not as simple as just getting plastic surgery to becoming the way he looks today,. Ms. Gu, do you know how a snake sheds its skin?”
  • As he spoke, Huka suddenly smiled coldly.
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