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Chapter 501 Take A Good Look At Who I Am

  • Realizing what she was saying, the man felt himself choking up. A hand reached out to grab hold of her shaking shoulders as another hand grabbed her thin wrist.
  • He leaned down closer towards Gu Qiaoge. Pressing his lips to her ear, he whispered to the woman that was stuck in the throes of a nightmare.
  • “Qiaoge, I'm here, I'm not leaving. I won't leave you and I most definitely won't hate you.”
  • As he spoke, the man's voice grew hoarse and choked.
  • “Qiaoge, I love you. Beichuan loves you and has always loved you. Since long ago and even now, I have always loved you.”
  • The firm determination in his voice seemed to have some sort of miraculous power and Gu Qiaoge started to calm down.
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