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Chapter 584 Let Bygones Be Bygones

  • The room was enveloped in darkness.
  • The window was half-open, and the curtains danced gently in the night breeze. The moonlight shone in through the window, pooling in a circle on the floor.
  • Gu Yange lay on the bed, snoring gently. He was evidently fast asleep.
  • The man stood by the door for a long time. Because he had been holding his breath the whole time, his breathing was short and erratic. It reverberated around the quiet room, and he couldn’t tell if the breathing was his own or someone else’s.
  • A few minutes passed. Seeing that nothing was happening, the man gritted his teeth and pulled out a syringe from his pocket. With the syringe in his hand, he started tip-toeing towards Gu Yange.
  • The poison in the syringe had been specially prepared for tonight. It was able to stop someone’s breathing in the shortest amount of time possible, and its victim would pass away peacefully in their sleep with no knowledge of what had happened to them.
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