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Chapter 524 Heal Me

  • Gu Qiaoge visibly jumped slightly, as she looked towards Lu Beichuan with her eyes widening in confusion. “When did I ever give you the cold shoulder?” she asked.
  • “Who was the one who brushed me off so coldly the moment she came to in the hospital?”
  • Gu Qiaoge stared fixatedly at him for the next few seconds before she came to a realization of what he was referring to.
  • “Heh!” a small chuckle escaped her as she reached out to give him a squeeze on his waist. “Did you think that I assumed the person who kidnapped me worked for you?”
  • Lu Beichuan's rose his eyebrows as he replied, “You mean that wasn't the case?”
  • “Of course not!” Gu Qiaoge rolled her eyes at him in frustration.
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