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Chapter 142 The Best Proof

  • The man was panting heavily and his eyebrows furrowed deeply. He seemed to be in great pain. But as he lowered his gaze to look at his injured arm, he said with a hoarse voice.
  • "Your arm is injured as well. I can do it myself."
  • After saying that, without waiting for an answer from Gu Qiaoge, he opened the first aid kit and took out a tweezer and disinfectant. He gritted his teeth and picked out all of the shards inside his flesh.
  • After that, he disinfected the wound and applied medicine to it.
  • Gu Qiaoge wanted to help but she just couldn't find a window.
  • In the end, the man opened his mouth and bit on one end of the bandage as he rolled around his arm and tied a knot.
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