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Chapter 548 I Am Alive Because Of You

  • It was an ancient silver white pocket watch which Gu Qiaoge had stored away cautiously.
  • She opened it and handed it to Mrs. Lu. There was no clock face, but had two tiny pictures. It was a locket.
  • Mrs. Lu was very familiar with the people in the pictures. One was herself and Yoyo and the other was Gu Yange and Mr. Gu, who had passed on.
  • Seeing the pictures, Mrs. Lu was shocked. Gu Qiaoge continued softly, “For those three years, I lived in pain and despair. I thought the person I loved was gone, hence I wanted to commit suicide. But now I want to live on because I still have you all here.”
  • Gu Qiaoge looked at Mrs. Lu then slowly continued, “Mrs. Lu, I won't beg for your forgiveness, but please don't push me away. I really want to be with you all.”
  • The room was silent, only their breathing could be heard.
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