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Chapter 638 Not Close To Each Other

  • Lin Tingyao had not expected Gu Qiaoge to despise her this much. The disgust on the latter’s face was apparent. Lin Tingyao stiffened, at a loss for words. All she could do was mumble, “Qiaoge...”
  • Gu Qiaoge stared at her indifferently and interrupted, “Don’t pretend as though we’re close to each other. You’re no one to me.”
  • Lin Tingyao’s face ashen, and tears started welling up in her eyes. She glanced at Wen Ke almost subconsciously and muttered, “Qiaoge, I did nothing. All I did was visit Yange. It was a coincidence that he collapsed. I was worried, so I came with him to the hospital. Did someone tell you something to make you misunderstand me?”
  • She sounded wronged and innocent, but everyone knew Lin Tingyao was accusing Wen Ke.
  • Rage surged in her veins and Gu Qiaoge gritted out, “Lin Tingyao, you...”
  • Before she could continue, Wen Ke grabbed her hand and murmured, “Qiaoge, you have a baby in you. Don’t get angry.”
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