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Chapter 212 My Man

  • Lu Beichuan was wearing white shirt and black trousers. His tall figure strode into the living room.
  • When he walked towards the stairs, his deep and black eyes met with Gu Qiaoge's bloodshot eyes. He maintained eye contact and there wasn’t even the slightest guilt in his gaze.
  • "I have released the news. One week later, the wedding will be held. As for the bride..."
  • As Lu Beichuan said that, he smiled and glanced across the room. The man's lips curled up in menace.
  • "Maybe it is you, Gu Qiaoge. Or her, Du Meishan. I find it very difficult to make up my mind, at least not until the very last minute."
  • His expression and tone resembled that of a playboy. Everyone who heard him couldn't help but frowned a little.
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