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Chapter 293 Speak Why Are You On My Bed

  • “So Mrs. Gu, you're still......”
  • Gu Qiaoge's maintained her composure. She leaned over to cover him with a blanket, while still holding onto Lu Beichuan's hand. She said without turning her head back, “Thank you for your reminder, Dr. Lim. But I wish to be by his side. For each and every moment, I will be there for him.”
  • Dr. Lim wanted to say something. But seeing her so determined, he sighed and walked away.
  • The doors were gently closed.
  • Gu Qiaoge quietly sat beside Lu Beichuan. Seeing that he's sound asleep, she took her shoes off and got on the bed.
  • Feeling a warm fragrance around his arms, the man subconsciously pulled her into his embrace.
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