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Chapter 188 Conscience

  • The moment the little girl saw Gu Qiaoge, she called out cheerfully, "Auntie Gu!"
  • The next second, she raised both of her hands and pushed Gu Qiaoge aside and charged into the living room like a train. After that, she started opening every door to search.
  • As she was paced around, she kept yelling, "Daddy! Where are you, daddy? Hurry and come out..."
  • When Gu Qiaoge saw that, her expression turned cold and she turned to look at the woman standing by the doorstep.
  • Du Meishan's lips curled up and smiled towards her. She lifted an exquisite lunchbox and walked inside uninvited.
  • "Miss Gu, sorry for troubling you. Yoyo keeps nagging that she wants her daddy and mummy to eat with her. But Beichuan isn't coming home and I thought he is here. Therefore... You don't mind, right?"
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