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Chapter 423 No One Else Can Bully Her Except For Me

  • Master Su frowned and shook the design draft at her, “Of course I'm bringing you back to the company, so that you can show your design draft to the experts for review. And since you've decided to coordinate with the design week this time, you're gonna have to follow up with the design changes as well.”
  • He paused for a bit before looking at Gu Qiaoge again with suspicious eyes, “Don't tell me you were just casually playing along.”
  • Displeased, Gu Qiaoge turned cold and responded, “I wasn't!”
  • “So just do as I say then.”
  • Gu Qiaoge: “......”
  • All this time, she sensed that she had walked into a trap. And yet, she wasn't able to figure it out or even put it into words.
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