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Chapter 635 Nothing Happened Last Night

  • Gu Yange’s gaze landed on the hands that were on his. Calmly, he queried, “What do you mean?”
  • Lin Tingyao pursed her lips into a thin line. She immediately lifted her head to look at him and whined, “Yange, there’s no one else here. Why do you feel the need to hide the truth? I’m talking about my father.”
  • At that, Lin Tingyao moved closed to Gu Yange, her smile growing wider.
  • “I know that although you’ve married Wen Ke, you still love me. Otherwise, you won’t help my father out at such a sensitive time. I’ve sent him to the hospital today. We’ve done check-ups, and the doctor said he’ll be fine. All he needs is to rest now. Yange, you’ve done so much for me behind my back. You don’t love Wen Ke; you’ve always loved me. Am I right, Yange?”
  • The more Lin Tingyao spoke, the more agitated she became. Lost in her emotions, she leaned into his arms and raised her arm to wrap them around his neck.
  • Gu Yange took a step to the side and avoided her touch.
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