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Chapter 333 Made For Each Other Yet Not Meant To Be Together

  • Lu Beichuan stopped in his tracks, his head twisting to look at Huka.
  • “Too?” His next words were spoken through clenched teeth, “Do you mean to say you already knew the truth?”
  • Huka closed his kit as he stood up. He showed a distinct lack of fear at the aggressive look in the other man's eyes. Heading towards Lu Beichuan, his reply was calm.
  • “I've always suspected ever since I had a basic understanding of medical knowledge.”
  • Huka's family had always been trying to help control this disease in the previous Lu family men. However, their position was delicate and without any substantial evidence, it was best to remain silent.
  • “There's nothing in the medical records of anything even remotely similar to your symptoms.”
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